CAS Professors

CAS Professors are permanent members of the Center, selected from the faculty on the basis of their outstanding scholarship. These appointments are among the highest forms of campus recognition. With the Associates and Fellows, they form the core of the Center for Advanced Study Community.

CAS Professors deliver the Annual Lecture and serve on the Research Appointments Committee, charged with selecting the CAS Associates and Fellows.

Deans, Directors and Department Heads are invited to submit nominations of their best faculty for permanent appointment to the Center. For science faculty, election to the relevant national academy would be a definite criterion for consideration as a CAS Professor. For faculty in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, nominees should have received significant national grants (for example, ACLS or Guggenheim) or other major awards.

James D. Anderson
CAS Professor of Educational Policy, Organization & Leadership

Renee L. Baillargeon
CAS Professor of Psychology

Tamer Ba┼čar
CAS Director, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

May R Berenbaum
CAS Professor of Entomology

Bruce C Berndt
CAS Professor of Mathematics

David M Ceperley
CAS Professor of Physics

Leon DeCosta Dash
CAS Professor of Journalism and Law

Matthew W Finkin
CAS Professor of Law

Martha U Gillette
CAS Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology

Nigel Goldenfeld
CAS Professor of Physics

Bruce Hajek
CAS Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering

Anthony J Leggett
CAS Professor of Physics

Stephen P. Long
CAS Professor of Plant Biology

Michael Moore
CAS Professor of Law and Philosophy

Tere O’Connor
CAS Professor of Dance

Gene E. Robinson
CAS Professor of Entomology

Jay Rosenstein
CAS Professor of Media & Cinema Studies

Jonathan Sweedler
CAS Professor of Chemistry

Maria Todorova
CAS Professor of History

Lou van den Dries
CAS Professor of Mathematics

Dale J Van Harlingen
CAS Professor of Physics