Napoleonic Visual Culture and the Cult of Napoleon, 1815-1848

Tuesday, November 5th, 2019
David O'Brien

Center for Advanced Study
Levis Faculty Center--Music Room (208)
919 W. Illinois, Urbana

Event Description

Images of Napoleon and the Napoleonic wars dominated French visual culture in the thirty or so years following his fall from power in 1815. This presentation examines a number of the most common themes found in these images: Napoleon as a defender of the Revolution; Napoleon as fallible and human, appearing haggard, portly, dispirited, or in any number of other deficient emotional and physical states; and Napoleon as the object of a pseudo-religious veneration. It will also examine the emergence, in the same period, of images exploring the physical and psychological trauma resulting from the unprecedented violence of the Napoleonic wars.

David O'Brien

O'Brien lecture   Art History Program, Associate 2018-19