From the Director

CAS Mission and Vision Statement

dash The Center for Advanced Study (CAS) supports the extraordinary human and physical resources of the University of Illinois by encouraging and promoting exemplary scholarship in all areas of knowledge.

One of the primary missions of the Center is to identify the very best scholars at the University.  CAS Professors are permanent members of the Center, appointed after a rigorous nomination and election process.  These distinguished academics include among others: a Nobel Laureate; a National Book Award winner; a MacArthur Fellow; and a Pulitzer Prize winner, along with many members of the National Academies of Sciences and Engineering.

In addition, the Center supports faculty research by awarding, on a competitive basis, one-semester sabbaticals to outstanding junior and senior colleagues pursuing innovative and path-breaking research, writing and performance projects.  Faculty from every one of the University’s colleges and departments are eligible for CAS sabbaticals.

The Center also provides a varied and integrative program throughout the year for a sprawling research university and its surrounding community by sponsoring various series of public lectures, long-term visits by internationally-recognized scholars, interdisciplinary symposia and a variety of educational programs and special events.

The diversity of the Center’s faculty, the sabbaticals it makes available to all faculty and the range of its activities place it in a unique position both on the Urbana-Champaign campus and among similar centers at other institutions around the world.  The broad range of programs it supports helps define and support excellence in scholarship as well as bring the fruits of academic research before the university and the public.

Leon DeCosta Dash