Online Applications

Welcome to the Center for Advanced Study applications page.
In keeping with the CAS mission to encourage creative achievement and
scholarship by promoting intellectual vigor and diversity, these programs
offer faculty time off from teaching in order to pursue a research or creative
project, and also bring to campus a steady flow of world-class scholars and
performing artists for public events and small group meetings. From here, you can
access guidelines and applications for all of our programs.

Program Deadlines

George A. Miller Programs Committee

CAS/MillerComm and George A. Miller Visiting Professors, Artists and Scholars

Spring semester 2018 events or later – Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Research Appointments

Associate (tenured faculty) and Fellow (untenured faculty)

For appointments in 2018-19

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Associate application

Fellow application

You must be a member of the University of Illinois campus in order to submit an
application for any of these programs.