GAM Visitor

Michael Aviram
Food Science and Human Nutrition
David Barr III
March 28 - April 1, 2010 Hosted by: African American Studies, Journalism, History History on Center Stage: Discovering Dramatic Power in Real-Life Narratives George A. Miller Visiting Artist David Barr III will conduct a series of campus, public and local community programs in connection with the…
Jimmie Briggs
September 14-18, 2008 Jimmie Briggs, journalist and George A. Miller Visiting Professor Department of African American Studies
Laurie Carlos
Julian Dibbell 
Full Spring semester, 2010 Hosted by: Media, iFoundry The Chinese Game Room: Play, Productivity, and Computing at Their Limits During this semester long visit, Julian Dibbell presented a series of campus-wide lectures related  to advanced computing and modeling society  and co-taught two semester-…
Laura Freixas
Wang Guangyi
Jerrold Ziff Distinguished Lecture in Modern Art For more information contact Gary Xu (East Asian Languages and Cultures)
Miguel Gutierrez
Rom Harré
Are foundations for knowledge possible after post-modernism? Renowned as a philosopher of science, Rom Harré examines three foundationalist trends in Western thought after post modernism: the possibility of moral diversity without anarchy (Holiday); phenomenology without subjectivism (Wittgenstein…
Jackie Huggins
Michael Williams
April 13, 20107:00 pm Room 2, Education Bldg Public Screening of Samson and Deliliah April 14, 2010 2:00 pm Room 242, Education Bldg Indigenous Knowledge in the University April 19, 2010 12:00 pm Room 242, Education Bldg Sister Girl: Feminism, Activism, and Aboriginal Women's Lived Experiences