Science and Technology in the Pacific Century Fall 2007


SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY IN THE PACIFIC CENTURY (2007-08) will address a series of issues concerning the development in science and technology in East Asia, as well as developments in the East Asian market, and how these are already transforming American science technology and industry. Glenn Hoetker (Business Administration) was named CAS Resident Associate for this initiative.

(STIP) is a three-year cross-disciplinary initiative of the University of Illinois’s Center for Advanced Study and the Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies (EAPS). Co-sponsored by over twenty university units, STIP activities include public lectures, symposia, workshops, hosting visiting scholars, supporting guest lecturers in undergraduate classes and a semester-long seminar for faculty and graduate students. STIP is also part of the IL/IN East Asia Initiative, a partnership between EAPS and the East Asian Studies Center at Indiana University.

Supporting Units: Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership; Center for Advanced Study; Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies; Center for Global Studies; Center for International Business Education and Research; Center for International Education and Research in Accounting; College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences; College of Business; College of Law; College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering; Department of Animal Sciences; Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering; Department of Crop Sciences; Department of History; Department of Mechanical Science and Engineering; Department of Physics; Environmental Council; Graduate School for Library and Information Science; Institute for Genomic Biology; Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research; Office of Women and Gender in Global Perspectives; School of Integrative Biology; University Library

Public lectures and conferences including a graduate seminar class: CAS 587 (Science and Technology in the Pacific Century

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Ning Yang
Animal Genetics, Beijing CHINA: Recent Advances in Poultry Genetics and Impacts on Poultry Industry in China
12 noon
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Monday, September 10, 2007
Philip Yeo
Building a Knowledge-Based Economy Pyramid
4:00 pm
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Tuesday, September 18, 2007
Richard Herman, Charles Zukoski, Thomas Ulen
The University of Illinois’ Place in Asia’s Changing Scientific Landscape
3:30-5 pm
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Thursday, November 8, 2007
Clyde Prestowitz
The Day the Sun Doesn’t Rise
4:00 pm
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