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This is a complete listing of CAS events from past semesters. The listing of events organized by Initiative can be found here.


Nancy Cantor
Steven Pinker
This season's CultureTalk explores issues of psychology of gender, violence, public support for arts and culture, the politics of education, and the role of the humanities in our lives today. Steven Pinker, a cognitive linguist and evolutionary psychologist (Harvard University), is widely hailed…
Barry Lopez
Deke Weaver
National Book Award winner Barry Lopez is acclaimed for his passionate essays on ethics and ecology, but what defines his voice is a poetic narrative on humanity itself.  Lopez paints a broad picture of our acknowledgment of, reciprocity with, and frequent disassociation from the land, water, and…
W. S. Merwin
Robert Pinsky
Richard Powers
Dante's masterpiece The Divine Comedy will provide the basis for a conversation that coincides with the major academic conference "Translating the Middle Ages," sponsored by the U of I's Program in Medieval Studies and the Center for Translation Studies. W. S. Merwin, a Pulitzer Prize-winning poet…
Jonathan Miller
Susan Sontag
The relationship between the arts and contemporary society is constantly evolving, changing to reflect vast societal and political changes. But what effect has the mass media and rapidly changing technology had on these relationships? What about the growing trend to globalization? What is the…
Philippe Petit
Elizabeth Streb
Innovative risk takers, inspired creators, and tenacious artists: action hero Elizabeth Streb and high-wire artist Philippe Petit live life without a net.  Join them on the ground for an engaging conversation about their fearless philosophies, unduplicated feats, and artistic longevity. More…