CAS CoSponsored Events

In addition to our regular activities, the Center is pleased to cosponsor events hosted and coordinated by campus units. By offering grants to offset the costs associated with a visiting speaker or an entire conference, we help to ensure that our university continues to serve as a venue for the vibrant exchange of ideas for our on- and off-campus audiences.


June 23-24
The Soviet Home: Domestic Ideology and Practice Fisher Forum
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center

July 9-16
ASI-University of Illinois Inaugural Human-Animal Studies Institute
Animals & Society Institute


Throughout the semester
YMCA Friday Forum Spring Series, State of the State

January 19-21
The Play of Adam

February 8
Christopher Newfield
The Populist University: Expanding Public Colleges in the Trump Administration
Campus Faculty Association

February 20
Steven Weitzman
The Double Helix of Jewish History: Genetics & The Search for the Origin of the Jews
Jewish Culture and Society

March 3
Lucy Suchman
Relocating Innovation: Places and Material Practices of Future Making
Design Dialogues Speakers Series

March 8
Jay Rosen
Winter is Coming: The Trump Regime and the American Press
Unit for Criticsm and Interpretive Theory

March 10-11
Interdisciplinary Encounters: Exploring Knowledge-Making Across Boundaries
Seeing Systems INTERSECT Group

April 10
Screening and discussion with Director Hyuksang Lee
Miracle on Jongno Street
Unit One/Allen Hall

April 11-13
Thomas Mapfumo and the Blacks Unlimited
Mhoze Chikowero
Performance and discussion
Center for African Studies

April 28
Fred Hoxie, Celebrating the University of Illinois: Engine of Innovation
Reception and Open House
Department of History

May 4-5
“Changing the Subject”: Subjectivity, Habitus, Behavior, and the End of the Subject
Graduate Conference
British Modernities Group

FALL 2016

September 16
Portia Maultsby
Performing Blackness: Black Gospel Music in the Netherlands
The Bruno and Wanda Nettl Distinguished Lecture in Ethnomusicology

September 20
Geoffrey Bowker
Design Dialogues Speakers Series

September 21-October 2
Deke Weaver

October 21
Freedom of Speech in the Age of New Media and New Publics: France, Europe and Beyond
French and Italian, European Union Center, Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the US

September 23-24
Performing Spain: Theaters of Memory in Iberian Cultures
Spanish and Portuguese

October 26-27
Center for Writing Studies Inaugural Symposium
Jonathan Alexander (UC Irvine) and Deborah Brandt (UW Madison)


The Other Side of Memory: Forgetting, Denial, Repression conference
Initiative in Holocaust, Genocide, and Memory Studies
Mnemonics: Network for Memory Studies, 5th annual summer school/conference


February 17
Kelly Anderson presentation
Urban and Regional Planning

February 25
Paula Moya presentation
Unit for Criticism

February 29
Anchiskhati Choir
Center for World Music

March 2 (rescheduled from February 24)
Giorgio Mariani presentation
International Forum for United States Studies

March 7
Erkki Huhtamo visit
Landscape Architecture

March 10
Mary Robinson presentation
Program in Women and Gender in Global Perspectives

March 11-12
(Re)configuring Space in Women’s and Gender History
Women’s and Gender History Symposium

March 29
Bodies of Evidence workshop at CAS
Art of Identification Network
Unit for Criticism and others

April 21-22
Literature and Science: A Transatlantic Exchange, symposium at CAS
Roundtables and keynote by Will Tattersdill (University of Birmingham)
BRIDGE: Birmingham-Illinois Partnership for Discovery, Engagement, and Education and INTERSECT

April 22
Anne Balsamo presentation in the Design Dialogues series

FALL 2015

August 27-29
Arctic Cinemas and the Documentary Ethos
Arctic Studies

October 26
The Legitimacy of Target Killings: An Exchange Between Jeremy Waldron and Michael S. Moore
College of Law

October 29
Pasolini Across the Media: A symposium to honor the multifarious Italian Poet 40 years after his assassination
Department of French and Italian

November 4
Cine inmobilario: The Politics and Place of Home in the Movies of the Spanish Boom and Bust
Department of Spanish and Portuguese

November 18
Wu Fong Productions and showing of Everything Before Us
Illini Union and Asian American Association

December 1
Inventing Vivian Maier
Program in Art History

December 2
Constance Mayer: Mythology, Historiography, Feminism
Program in Art History

December 2
Lexical (within Multilevel) Input Processing in Language Acquisitions: Principles and Applications
Department of Spanish and Portuguese


January 29
The Black Death and Beyond: New Research at the Intersection of Science and the Humanities link to video
Medieval Studies

weekly series starting January 30
Friday Forum
Food Justice  series
University YMCA

March 2-4
Power Africa: Promises, Potentials, Pitfalls, and Possible Alternatives
Center for African Studies

Starting March 3
Screening Memories: A Documentary Film Series
The Future of Trauma and Memory Studies

March 10 -11
1915: Music, Memory and the Great War symposium
School of Music

Starting March 12
Spanish & Portuguese Colloquium series
Spanish & Portuguese

Asian/American Film series

April 3-4
Midwest Workshop on Latin American History
Latin Americanist Historians

April 8
A Leading Man film premier
Film at the University Library

April 18
Medieval Media Revolutions Symposium
Program in Medieval Studies

April 23
Entrepreneurial Heritage and the Information Economy
CHAMP (Collaborative for Cultural Heritage Management and Policy)

May 1-2
Bad Books: Mass Genres, Material Cultures, and Aesthetic Valuation Conference
The British Modernities Group

May 20-22
Health in Africa and the Post-2015 Millennium Development Agenda Symposium

June 19 -20
Violence in Twentieth-Century Russia and Eurasia: Experience, Affect, Memory, and Legacies
Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center

FALL 2015

entire fall semester, 2014
lectures, exhibitions, readings, films, and a theatrical production
The Great War: Experiences, Representations, Effects

September 2-3
Sephard as Imagined Community: Language, Culture and Religion From the Early Modern Period to the 21st Century
Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

September 14-16
Sangwoo Lee, Korean filmmaker
Talk and film screenings
University Library

September 26-27
Reading without Books: Experiences of Print in Everyday Life in Imperial China conference
East Asian Languages and Cultures

October 13
Robert A. Bjork
Forgetting as a Friend of Learning: How We Learn Versus How We Think We Learn
Department of Psychology

November 4
Alice Giles
Alice in Antarctica: Harping Down Under
School of Music

November 13–CANCELLED
Achille Mbembe
On the Matter of Animism
Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

FALL 2013

August 11-22
NOW.HEAR.THIS. residency/workshop
Department of Theatre

weekly series starting September 6
Friday Forum
Rethinking Security: Beyond Mass Incarceration series
University YMCA

September 11-13
Africa and Information Technology: Practices, Potential, and Challenges conference
Center for African Studies

September 13-14
Mobilizing Difference: Gender, Islam, and the Production of Contemporary Europeanness conference
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures

September 12-16
WOLF performance
The Unreliable Bestiary

occasional series starting September 17
Past, Present, Future: India Cinema at One Hundred
The University Library

September 19
Michael Kennedy
What Can Afghanistan, Kosova and Poland Tell Us About American Universities? Or How Area Studies Can Anchor Cosmopolitan Intellectuality and Consequential Solidarity
Russian, East European and Eurasian Center

September 19-20
Textures of Technology: Film Production and Technology conference
Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory

September 19
Alain Lawo-Sukan
The Concept of Negritude in Afro-Colombian Literature
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

September 23
Anne Balsalmo
Designing Digital Memorials
Graduate School of Library and Information Science

September 25-27
Michael Hardt
The Right to the Common
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

September 26
Writing Another Future: Science Fiction, the Arts and Humanities conference
College of Music, Department of English,  School of Art and Design

October 3
Soria Colomer
Defining Identities and Negotiating Relationships: Latina Teachers and New Latino Communities
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

October 3-4
The Impact of Privation/Marketization on the Education of Disadvantaged Students conference
College of Education

October 11
Salikoko Mufwene
Colonization, Indigenization, and the Differential Evolution of English: Some Ecological Perspectives
Department of Linguistics

October 12
Symposium on the Contributions of Professor Yamuna Kachru
Department of Linguistics

October 16
Luciana Garcia Lorenzo
Politica cultural y teatro en la España última
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

October 18 -19
Imaging Alternatives: A Graduate Symposium on Speculative Fictions
English,  Department of Gender and Women’s Studies

October 24
Francisca González-Arias
Bridges, Borders, and ‘Translation’: Reflections of a Bi-Cultural Translator
Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese

October 24-26
National Toxic Land/Labor Conservation (TLC) Service
Toward a National Cold War Monuments and Environmental Heritage Tail
School of Art and Design, Illinois Program for Research in the Humanities

November 5
Maria Iliou
Smyrna: The Destruction of a Cosmopolitan City, 1900-1923
Modern Greek Studies Program

November 12
Roger Thurow
The Last Hunger Season: A Year in an African Farm Community on the Brink of Change
Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program

November 15
Gina Kolata
How to Misread the Science of Health
Institute for Genomic Biology

November 19
Public Panel on Syria
Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

November 21
Sidney Tarrow
The Dark Side of Internationalism: Transnational Terrorism and the Internationalization of Repression
Department of Sociology

December 3
Neni Panourgia
There is no end to mourning here: Giving an account of the precarious self in Greece of the crises
Modern Greek Studies Program


weekly series starting January 31
Friday Forum
Rethinking Security:Community Approaches to Economic Development series
University YMCA

February 27- March 1
Where is the Love?
Fifteenth Annual Graduate Symposium on Women’s and Gender History

March 3
Molly Green
How Important was 1453?
Modern Greek Studies Program

March 4
Survey Research in the 21st Century: Lectures Celebrating the Survey Research Laboratory’s 50th Anniversary
Survey Research Laboratory

April 7
Gail Holst-Warhaft
Apologia for 20th Century Modern Greek Music
Modern Greek Studies

April 10-12
Children and Globalization: Issues, Policies and Initiatives
Joint Area Centers Symposium

April 11
Mathias Risse
Immigration and Common Ownership of the Earth
Women and Gender in Global Perspectives Program

April 24
Cesare Casarino
Gramsci’s Bergson
Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese

April 24
Full of Pepper and Light: Welcoming the Gwendolyn Brooks Papers to the University of Illinois
Rare Book & Manuscript Library

May 1-2
Disability Studies Across the Disciplines
English Graduate Student Association

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