George A. Miller Visiting Professors and Scholars Program

George A. Miller Visiting Professors and Scholars are women and men of outstanding achievement in academic or public life who join our campus to participate in scholarly, professional or creative programs. These visitors might teach a special course, participate in ongoing or self-initiated research activities, interact informally with students and faculty, or take part in interdisciplinary seminars. Residencies may be for as long as a semester or an entire academic year; however, in view of the crowded schedules of many visitors, they are often arranged for shorter periods.

GAM Visiting Professors & Scholars Program Deadlines and Application form

September 12 – 22, 2013
Gunther Schuller
Musical Legend
School of Music
MillerComm presentation

September 16-26, 2013
Uma Mesthrie
University of the Western Cape, South Africa
Department of History

two weeks in October, 2013
Grzegorz Jung
Ben Gurion University
Department of Physics

October 30 – November 2, 2013
Stephen Wade
Scholar, Musician and Author, The Beautiful Music All Around Us: Field Recordings and the American Experience
University of Illinois Press
MillerComm presentation

December 2-7, 2013
William Bolcom
School of Music

November 4-13, 2014
Vinko Globokar
School of Music

January 25-31, 2015
Adam Rudolph
Composer, percussionist
Robert E. Brown Center for World Music
MillerComm presentation

April 6-May 3, 2015
Struan Leslie
Movement Director, Choreographer and Director, former Head of Movement, Royal Shakespeare Company
Department of Theatre

two weeks in September, 2015
Yossi Paltiel
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Department of Physics
Professor Paltiel will give several lectures open to the public
October 12 – 21, 2015

October 10 – 17, 2015
Marta Terry González
Jose Marti National Library of Cuba
Graduate College of Library and Information Science
MillerComm presentation

entire Spring semester, 2016
Richard Davis
Ohio State University
Center for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies

January 4-30, 2016
Ping Chong
Ping Chong and Company
Department of Dance

February 21-18, 2016
Raqs Media Collective
International Artist Collective
Krannert Art Museum

April 15-May 31, 2016
Carl Steefel
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Department of Geology

five weeks during Spring, 2016
Jorge Rabassa
Argentine National Research Council
Department of Geology


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