Fifth Annual Animal Studies Summer Institute Application

                                                                   July 9-15, 2023


                           All selected participants receive full scholarships, housing, and travel assistance to attend


The applicant must (1) be a doctoral student at the dissertation stage or early career scholar no more than four years past the Ph.D. or other terminal degree; or be a MSW, MFA, DVM, or JD student in the advanced stages of the degree; (2) have a commitment to advancing research in Human-Animal Studies; and (3) submit a follow-up report six months after the program’s completion. Applications are encouraged from the social sciences, humanities, arts, and natural sciences, as long as a part of the project explicitly deals with the human-animal relationship.

Application Deadline: Friday, April 14, 2023, 5:00pm CDT

Selection Process

The selection committee includes members from a range of disciplines connected to HAS.

Applications are evaluated on the basis of the contribution of the completed project to Human-Animal Studies, the qualifications of the applicant to complete the research, and how well the applicant’s project complements the other accepted projects. The Institute is dedicated to an inclusive vision of human-animal studies and encourages applications from around the world and from scholars who are affiliated with communities traditionally under-represented in the academy and professions.

Applicants will be notified by email in April 2023. For those accepted, the deadline to commit is May 8, 2023.


Applicants should email electronic copies of the following items to Naomi Young at CAS: naomiy@illinois.edu. Please name all of your documents in the following manner: Smith_Proposal; Smith_Abstract; Smith_CV, etc.

1. Cover sheet with the applicant’s name, preferred pronouns, mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, institution name, date Ph.D. or other terminal degree expected or received, citizenship/nationality, and title of project.

2.Title of proposed project for the summer institute and one paragraph abstract.

3. One-page (single spaced) description of the proposed project and indicates work completed to date. Since the description will be considered by a panel of scholars from a variety of disciplines, it should be written for non-specialists.

  • Project proposal should include clear details about what draws the candidate to Human-Animal Studies, how far the applicant is along in the dissertation, other final thesis project, planned publication, or creative or artistic presentation, and what part of the project the applicant expects to accomplish during the course of the program.

  • Proposals should also indicate engagement with, and discuss how your work will contribute to, literature within the field of Human-Animal Studies, how your work deepens an understanding of human-animal relations and, if appropriate to the project, how it might have long-term impacts or practical implications that improve human-animal relations.

4. Curriculum vitae of no more than 4 pages.

5. Short writing sample of no more than 20 pages (double spaced) representing your work in animal studies. (This does not have to be exactly what you plan to have workshopped during the institute.) Artists whose work is not well-represented by a writing sample should instead submit up to 20 pages of their work in a combination of images/texts/or, for artists working in time-based forms, such as dancers and theater artists, no more than 10 minutes of visual documentation via a video link with start-point for viewing clearly indicated. Artists should also include a short critical narrative (no more than 5 pages) that shows engagement with, and discusses how their work will contribute to, literature within the field of Human-Animal Studies.

6.. Two letters of recommendation (pdfs of original letters recommended). These should be emailed directly to naomiy@illinois.edu by the referees themselves and received by the application deadline.