Miller Endowment Visitors

George A. Miller Visiting Professors and Scholars are women and men of outstanding achievement in academic or public life who join our campus to participate in scholarly, professional or creative programs. These visitors might teach a special course, participate in ongoing or self-initiated research activities, interact informally with students and faculty, or take part in interdisciplinary seminars. Residencies may be for as long as a semester or an entire academic year; however, in view of the crowded schedules of many visitors, they are often arranged for shorter periods.                                     

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George A. Miller Visiting Artist

Artist, writer and teacher, Ricardo Basbaum investigates art as an intermediary device and a platform for the integration of sensorial experiences, sociability and language. Since the late 1980s, he has created a specific vocabulary to his work, applying it in a particular way for every new project. This vocabulary often manifests itself as drawings, installations, videos and urban interventions. Basbaum is the author of an installation that belongs to the Tate Modern Collection in London and took part of exhibitions inside important institutions, such as: Documenta XII in Kassel, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, the São Paulo’s Biennial, the Secession in Vienna, among others. He also was a resident artist at the Audain Gallery in Vancouver and has held individual projects at the Galician Center for Contemporary Art (Santiago de Compostela) and at The Showroom (London).

Basbaum residency's project is entitled Contamination: An Extended Space for Sustaining Encounters through Art. For more information, please visit http://on-contamination.com/.


Inaugural talk: March 11, 2021, 4:00pm CST. Flyer

George A. Miller Visiting Artist

Seitu Jones is a Saint Paul (MN) based artist whose interdisciplinary practice considers the historical construct of race and the desire to restore our Beloved communities through food, conversation and beauty. His practice aspires to create environmental and public artwork that honors and inspires communities. Seitu Jones Studio engages, advises and produces work that advances food and environmental justice through the arts and public sphere.

Events scheduled during Mr. Jones' residency:

FALL 2020

Kitchen Conversation October 13

Kitchen Conversation October 15

Town Hall: Food for Justice | Food for Thought October 26


SPRING 2021 April 14, MillerComm presentation

George A. Miller Visiting Artist

Margaret Wertheim is a writer, artist and curator whose work brings together art, math and science as evidenced in her Crochet Coral Reef, a worldwide project created through hyperbolic crochet. In this lecture Margaret will introduce the UIUC community to her work with the Institute for Figuring, a collaborative Los Angeles based practice she runs with her twin sister Christine Wertheim. Highlighting the “aesthetic and poetic dimensions of science and mathematics,” the sisters design art & science exhibits for galleries and museums around the world. Their Crochet Coral Reef is a global participatory endeavor that sits at the intersection of craft, geometry, community-art and environmentalism. The work has been seen by more than two million people and exhibited at the 2019 Venice Biennale, the Smithsonian, and many other places. Margaret will discuss the interplay of art, science, and art as social practice within the Crochet Reef project, while also promoting UIUC’s very own locally made Urbana-Champaign Satellite Reef, opening at the Siebel Center for Design in spring 2021.

Margaret Wertheim’s work focuses on relations between science and the wider cultural landscape. A two-fold perspective animates her thinking: on the one hand science can be seen as a set of conceptual enchantments that delight our minds and senses; on the other hand science is a socially embedded activity intersecting with philosophy, culture and politics. Wertheim aims to illuminate both dimensions of science and mathematics through her books, articles, lectures, workshops, and art, which has been widely exhibited nationally and internationally.

The Crochet Coral Reef website.