Post-Genomics and the Concept of Race in Science: Tensions, Contradictions and Resolutions

Sunday, October 7th, 2001
Troy Duster
4:00 pm

Illini Union Rms A & B 1401 West Green Street Urbana

Event Description

The Humane Genome Project has now completed mapping and sequencing about 95% of the genome.  Craig Venter (Celera) and Francis Collins (HGP) both assert since we are alike at 99.9% of the DNA, this proves race has no meaning.  However, the new field of pharmacogenomics is producing ethnically and racially targeted pharmaceuticals, SNP profiling is central to all this, and the new Haplotype Map project of the HGP is underway, all struggling with the meaning of "race."  This is called "post-genomics" and a new set of issues is raised about an old set of problems, including forensic science and its attempts to produce what is called "ethnic estimations of ethnic affiliations using allele frequencies."

WILL-AM 580 FOCUS interview with Troy Duster

Troy Duster

Chancellor's Professor and Director of the American Cultures Center, University of California, Berkeley; Sociology, New York University