MillerComm Lecture Series

Mapping Transnational Women's Movements: Globalizing the Local, Localizing the Global

Friday, April 14th, 2000
Amrita Basu
4:00 pm

Third Floor, Levis Faculty Center
919 W. Illinois St.

Event Description

Amrita Basu, a leading expert on women?s issues, examines how "globalization" has influenced feminist and other women?s movements, what new opportunities have emerged and what new tensions have surfaced. First tracing the relationship between Robin Morgan's "Sisterhood is Global" of the 1960s and '70s and the transnationalism of the '90s, Basu then anticipates the new century examining local reaction to globalization and the resulting interaction between the global and the local. She concludes her presentation with a more detailed look at the women's movement in India.
Graphic from Amrita Basu, The Challenge of Local Feminisms: Women's Movements in Global Perspective (Westview Press, 1995)

Sponsored by: Center for African Studies, Center for East Asian and Pacific Studies, Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Office of Women in International Development (WID), Program for South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Russian and East European Center, Women?s Studies Program

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Amrita Basu

Professor of Political Science and of Women’s and Gender Studies, Amherst College