MillerComm Lecture Series

Slow Dance, Heartbreak Blues: Creating and Sharing Poetry for Youth

Monday, April 7th, 1997
Arnold Adoff

Third Floor, Levis Faculty Center

919 West Illinois Street


Event Description

or Race, Class, Gender, Generation, Geography, and Love as the Ultimate Fallback Positions.  The Poet Celebrates Thirty (30!) Years of Publish Work by Indulging in an Orgy of Reading: With Obligitory Self-Critical-But-Amusing Comments, Explanations, and Elaborations

A pioneer in children's literature, Arnold Adoff created many anthologies introducing children and young adults to African-American Literature and poetry. The authors he included in these anthologies–Langston Hughes, Laurence Dunbar, Countee Cullen, Arna Bontememps, and Nikki Giovanni–continue to influence literature and the creation of contemporary culture. Well regarded as a poet and writer in his own right, Adoff creates picture books depicting biracial families in a natural manner, and is himself included in every major source addressing children's authors.

Adoff's poetic style incorporates visual elements–word and verse arrangement, page design, and print format interacting with graphic images–leading to surprise twists and emphases of meaning exploring the power of words.

Excerpt from All the Colors of the Race
This book is a presentation of power and love.
Celebrate the meaning music
of your lives.

Stand free and take control.

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Arnold Adoff

Poet, Anthologist, Independent Scholar, and Visiting Professor, New York University