Past Professor

Ladislav Zgusta

CAS Professor of Linguistics; former CAS Director

Professor Zgusta was editor of the journal Lexicographica, V, of the series of monographsLexicographical, Series Maior of the International Encyclopedia of Lexicography, and of the International Encyclopedia of Onomastics.  He is known for extensive investigation of the languages and the place names and personal names of ancient Asia Minor and as the author of the first comprehensive work on the theory of lexicography, recently translated into Chinese (published in Peking) and into Serbo-Croatian (published in Sarajevo).  His book containing the epigraphical and linguistic interpretation of the oldest Ossetic (Causcasian) inscription was published by the Austrian Academy in Vienna.  He has also published in the areas of Indo-European linguistics and general lexicology.  Two volumes of his selected essays on lexicography are being edited by his former students, to be published by the Niemeyer Publishing House.

He was elected Collitz Professor (1976) and was a Guggenheim Fellow (1977, 1983).  He was elected an honorary member of the American Name Society and a fellow of the Dictionary Society of North America and served on the executive board of, among others, the Indogermanische Gesellschaft.  He served as vice-president and then president of the Dictionary Society of North America (1982-85).  He became a corresponding member of the Austrian Academy of Science (1982) and was elected a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (1992).  He received the Gold Medal of the Czech Academy of Sciences for his work in Humanities (1992).  He has published ten books and more than 100 studies.  He was a former Director of the Center for Advanced Study.

In memoriam