Professor Emeritus

Wayne R. LaFave

CAS Professor Emeritus of Law

Professor LaFave is a prominent scholar and expert in the field of criminal justice. He has written extensively on criminal procedure, especially on the subject of arrest, search, and seizure. His work has had a profound influence on judicial decisions in these areas; his writings have been quoted or cited in well over 17,000 reported state and federal appellate court opinions, including more than 160 U.S. Supreme Court cases.

His book on arrest is the leading empirically based study on police practices. His treatise on search and seizure, published in a 6,000 page six-volume fifth edition in 2012, is the standard reference work on that subject. He is the author of a treatise on criminal procedure published in an 8,000 page seven-volume fourth edition in 2015 with Jerold H. Israel, Nancy J. King and Orin Kerr; and of a treatise on substantive criminal law published in a 2,000 page three-volume second edition in 2003. He was a Guggenheim Fellow (1974-75) and was named the David C. Baum Professor (1978). Professor LaFave is currently working on annual updates for the three treatises, and revised editions of several books in the field of criminal procedure.

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