Beckman Fellow 2004-05

Benjamin D Wandelt



Professor Wandelt is a cosmologist whose research focuses on the intersection of cosmological theoretical physics with astronomical observations. His aim is to link astronomically observable phenomena with physics at the highest energy scales, relevant to the processes that acted during the earliest moments of time (the Big Bang). These phenomena include views of the early universe afforded by the latest maps of the cosmic microwave background, as well as the observed properties of dark matter and dark energy. An active member in the Planck satellite mission, he has invented sophisticated statistical and mathematical tools that allow the physical interpretation of cosmic microwave background data.

During his Center appointment, Professor Wandelt will develop novel statistical tests based on mapped fluctuations in the cosmic microwave background sky and probe for new physics beyond the paradigm of cosmology. He will combine information from a broad range of complementary cosmological observations, such as the large-scale distribution of galaxies, the primordial abundances of the light elements, the spectra of quasars, and cosmic expansion and acceleration.