Fellow 2011-12

Eric Pop

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Pop imageEnergy Dissipation in Electronics (atoms to data centers)

During his Center appointment, Professor Pop will pursue two goals: complete a study of energy consumed by electronics in our daily lives and begin a book titled Energy Dissipation in Electronics (Atoms to Data Centers) that will treat energy use from fundamental aspects to applications.

Laptops, personal gadgets like the iPod, data centers running our Internet transactions—a common thread among these fixtures of modern life is the significant amount of electrical power they consume. It is estimated that electronics currently use more than 5 percent of the U.S. electricity budget, and this figure is on course to double every five years. Yet we lack both a detailed understanding of where all this energy goes and clear solutions to support our growing “e-lifestyle.”

In quantifying the energy-use landscape for electronics, Professor Pop will examine the semiconductor industry and the massive data centers currently in use. He will assess energy loads of the networks powering our Internet backbone; stand-alone displays; “vampire” loads associated with electronic gadgets; and such items as the commonplace DVR (digital video recorder), a power hog at 50 Watts running day and night to record favorite television shows.

Obtaining this information will provide a guide to future improvements and efficiencies. This first study will also form the introductory chapter of the planned book, which will be the first of its kind to cover energy use in electronics from fundamental issues to practical applications related to the electronic infrastructure powering our modern lives.