Fellow 2021-22

Lavanya Marla

Industrial & Enterprise Systems Engineering

Marla imageMathematical Frameworks for Next-Generation Emergency Medical Services

The ongoing fourth industrial revolution is transforming our world through a combination of technologies such as autonomous vehicles, real-time information-sharing, sharing economy, and the Internet of Things, powered by big data analytics and artificial intelligence. Professor Marla's research will create advanced analytical models and algorithms that facilitate a systems perspective for these emerging services, with a specific focus on Next-Generation Emergency Medical Services. Both competitive and collaborative interactions arise due to the layering and integration of the new, upcoming, technologies on existing infrastructure. Societal and policy implications of such integration are poorly understood, and questions related to system redesign remain unanswered, due to the lack of advanced mathematical approaches.

This project will generate novel frameworks that intelligently meld queueing models, game-theoretic ideas and large-scale optimization approaches to answer these complex societal questions. To make the proposed methodologies practical, the approaches will be modularly designed such that scalability is retained as problem sizes increase. The proposed methodologies will be tested on US-based and global testbeds for data-driven validation and computation, collected during Professor Marla’s international USIEF grant, and her advisory role in a World Bank-funded grant. Industry partners from Peel (Canada), Stockholm (Sweden), and Chennai (India) will implement the knowledge from this work.