Associate 1992-93

Walter G. Klemperer


A New View of Early Transition Metal Oxides

Professor Klemperer's book will include MACII software that allows interactive computer visualization of complex inorganic structures. Analysis of these structures in terms of their structural subunits reveals a homologous series of structural building units and a hierarchy of structures that includes organic, inorganic, and organometallic complexes as well as extended structures. A series of "highlight" sections will be interspersed that relate the structural analysis to specific applications such as catalysis, nonlinear optics, sol-gel processing, charge-density wave conductors, bioinorganic chemistry, ferroelectrics, and superconductors. The completed project will allow students and researchers not only to appreciate the intellectual elegance of structural systematics in early transition metal oxide chemistry but also to understand their relevance to many areas of applied chemistry.