CAS Initiative 2017-18: Learning Publics

CAS Resident Associates:

Chris Higgins, EPOL

Anke Pinkert, Germanic Languages and Literatures

This initiative continues the dialogue developed by Professors Higgins and Pinkert in the IPRH Research Cluster Public Humanities. They will address a series of questions of critical relevance to public universities and the role they play in public life:

  • How do changes in public universities reflect transformations in higher education and in contemporary life?
  • How can public universities reconnect with, or even help reconstitute, their publics?
  • What special role do the humanities and the arts play, and how must they grow in order to play this role in the re-constitution of public higher education?

Learning Publics features ongoing dialogue punctuated by public events and 2 courses (CAS 587 in Spring 2018 and an undergraduate Grand Challenge Learning Gen. Ed. class in Fall 2018).

Friday, September 22, 2017
Mini Conference
Contesting Public Education: Opting Out, Activism, and Dissent in Education Policy
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Monday, September 25, 2017
David Blacker
The Educational Needs of Erstwhile Humans: Identity Fluidity in a Post-Work World
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Invitation to Learning Publics monthly salons.

CAS 587 course description (Spring 2018)

The Humanities and Public Life symposium (April 10-12, 2018)