The New Immigrant Work Force: Unions, Community and the American Dream

Wednesday, January 31st, 2007
Eliseo Medina
7:30 pm

Third Floor, Levis Faculty Center 919 W. Illinois St. Urbana

Event Description

Eliseo Medina has been a national leader in the unionization of recent immigrants in the US, many of whom work in low paying jobs. Beyond improving the living standards of these immigrants, the Service Employees International Union has trained them to be effective leaders in their neighborhoods and communities, encouraging their participation in an expanding myriad of housing, educational, political and economic activities. A top leader of one of the nation's largest labor unions, Mr. Medina will make the case for a more inclusive national immigration policy and a more constructive approach to our nation's immigrants.
Eliseo Medina's visit is cosponsored by the School of Labor and Employee Relations (formerly Institute of Labor and industrial Relations) with additional support from African American Cultural Center, Asian American Studies Program, College of Law, Department of History, Department of Sociology, Office of Minority Student Affairs, Service Employees International Union Local 1, Union of Professional Employees and University YMCA.

WILL-AM FOCUS interview with Eliseo Medina

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Eliseo Medina

Vice President, Service Employees International Union, Washington, DC