Annual Lecture

Human Computer Intelligent Interaction: Face Tracking, Avatars and Electronic Consumer Relation Management

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010
Thomas S Huang

Knight Auditorium, Spurlock Museum

600 South Gregory Street


Event Description

Computer technologies are progressing at a breakneck pace. But tremendous computing speed and enormous storage capacity do not amount to anything unless we have intelligent human-computer interfaces. In this talk, Tom Huang will describe some of the research he and his students have been conducting during the last decade on Human Computer Interaction:

• Information flow from human to computer such as hand/fingers tracking and gesture recognition; face tracking and emotion recognition

• Information flow from computer to human such as the audio- visual emotive avatar

These interfaces have applications in many areas including gaming as well as Electronic Consumer Relation Management (ECRM). Examples in ECRM include: the collection of demographic data (what percentage of white male teenagers buy Product X?); adaptive public display (what is displayed depends on the genders, ages, and emotional reactions of the audience); and embodied intelligent agent.

Event Video