Past Professor

R. Tom Zuidema

CAS Professor of Anthropology

Professor Zuidema studies South American anthropology and ethnohistory. His scholarship on Inca society began in the 1960s with his dissertation on the Ceque System, the organizational framework of space and people that governed the Royal City of Cuzco and, by extension, the whole of the Inca Empire before its destruction by Pizarro in 1532-34. His early book The Ceque System of Cuzco (1964) was translated into Italian (1971) and into Spanish (1995) with a new evaluation of the problem. His lectures on Inca civilization, delivered in 1984 at the Collège de France, Paris, led to his book La Civilization Inca au Cuzco (1986) and were also published in both Spanish (1990) and English (1990). His recent publications are all related to Andean concepts of time. He was appointed by Queen Juliana to the Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences. He received the François Premier Medal of the Collège de France and doctorates honoris causa from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica, Lima, Peru (1993), the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, Lima, Peru (2003) and the University Antonio Abad of Cuzco (2006). The University of Bologna, Italy, where he lectured in recent years, has now appointed him to life membership in its Center of Advanced Studies. He received a “Mención de Honor, International Congress of Americanists. He received a doctorate honoris causa, University of Cuzco, Peru (2006). In 2008 he received from the President of the Republic of Peru the Order of “The Sun of Perú” in the rank of Comendador. Recently was published his book on “The Inca Calendar” by the Fondo Editorial del Congreso del Peru in Lima. At the moment he is preparing for publication, studies on pre-Hispanic textiles representing various calendars and models of social organization in space and time. He was nominated in 2013 to the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences “Gallery of Excellence” celebrating the college’s 100th anniversary.

In memoriam