On Truth and Lies in the Age of Conspiracy Theory

Thursday, October 21st, 2021
Jim Hansen
4:00pm CDT

Zoom presentation

Event Description

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We live in a technological era that seems to have lost its capacity to come to a consensus about what counts as fact and what as fiction. As a result, we find ourselves bombarded by irrational and unsubstantiated conspiracy theories on a nearly daily basis. While this problem has often proven lethal over the past few years, it’s not entirely new. Cinema has been obsessed with paranoiac conspiracies for decades. In a wide-ranging discussion that brings Terry Gilliam’s Brazil (1985) and Jordan Peele’s Us (2019) into conversation with aesthetic and critical theory, we’ll ask: What do these fictions—fantasies about isolation and alienation—have to say to us about this new age of truth and lies?

Jim Hansen

Associate Professor of English