Food for Thought: Naveen Narisetty and William Schneider

Monday, October 10th, 2022
Naveen Narisetty
William Schneider

Center for Advanced Study
Levis Faculty Center, Room 210
919 W. Illinois, Urbana

Event Description

11:00am, Naveen Narisetty, Quantile Regression Modeling for Survival Data with a Cured Subgroup

Quantile regression is a more robust and comprehensive alternative to the commonly used Classical Least Squares regression. This talk will explore a novel statistical approach using quantile regression modeling for studying survival data in the presence of a subgroup of cured patients with application to analyzing lung cancer data.

Noon, William Schneider, Income and Housing Support Experiments and Child Neglect

Both child abuse and child neglect are often considered to be the result of parental psychopathology. However, child neglect may also be closely tied to experiences of poverty. The current project seeks to identify the causal effect of poverty on child maltreatment, and child neglect in particular, by linking administrative child welfare data to three pre-existing income and housing support experiments.

Naveen Narisetty

CAS Beckman Fellow 2019-20

William Schneider

CAS Beckman Fellow 2021-22
Social Work

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