Associate 2000-01

Ilesanmi Adesida

Electrical & Computer Engineering

As a professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering and Director of the Microelectronics Laboratory, Ilesanmi Adesida has developed novel processing methods for making devices in gallium nitride. This is a semiconductor used for making blue light emitters and high power transistors. Of particular interest, he has developed a photoelectrochemical etching method that produces a plethora of different surface morphologies related to the physical and electronic defects in gallium nitride. The etching reveals nanometer-scale structures in the form of whiskers around dislocation defects, irregularly shaped pits, and other columnar nanostructures arranged around hexagonally-shaped pits. During his Center appointment, Professor Adesida will study the various forms of nanostructures created by PEC etching on certain types of gallium nitride and at the interface between aluminum gallium nitride and gallium nitride materials. He will use powerful analytical techniques with atomic scale resolution to study the structural and chemical compositions of the nanostructures. The material and electronic properties of these defects will be closely correlated with the characteristics of transistors made from gallium nitride.