MillerComm Lecture Series

End of the Century Blues: The Issue of Post-Modernism

Thursday, September 17th, 1987
Dore Ashton

Foellinger Auditorium
South End of the Quadrangle

Event Description

As so many commentators and artists have taken the term Post-Modernism as a rallying cry, it must, presumably, exist. Yet the lineaments of this new "ism" are exceedingly blurred. Although the term suggests the end of a stylistic era, it may be only a symptom of fatigue, and an emanation of an end-of-the-century malaise. The willingness of so many to submit to a de-valuation of values, to a leveling of all experience, and even to a complete negation of the artistic experience, demands close scrutiny. The abundant jargon that has accompanied the advent of post-modernism must be challenged. It must be confronted with works of art, and by such mean, found wanting in intellectual content and good faith.


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Dore Ashton

Art Critic and Historian