Critical Conversations

Intersectional Resources to Foster Increased Engagement between Human-Animal-Studies and work in Gender/Ethnic and Racial Studies and Sexuality Studies 

One area of urgent and accelerating growth in Human-Animal-Studies in many parts of the world lies at its intersection with racial/ethnic studies, gender and sexuality studies, and Indigenous and First Nations Studies.

We regard these as "Critical Conversations" and are actively working here at UIUC to foster, contribute to, and highlight their continuing development. We offer the following bibliographic resources as one way to do so. These bibliographies are by no means comprehensive, nor do they claim to be or attempt to be so. Rather, they offer a series of easily accessible entry points for further investigation and engagement by students/scholars, artists, community members and others actively working in Human-Animal-Studies and in these related scholarly homes.

These bibliographies are an ongoing work-in-progress, compiled as of 2022 by UIUC Anthropology Ph.D. Candidate Austin Hoffman with support from the HAS@Illinois Initiative directed by Prof. Jane Desmond. We hope they can contribute to developing and highlighting future "Critical Conversations."


Critical Conversations in Black Studies and Animal Studies

Critical Conversations in Indigenous/First Nations Studies and Animal Studies

Critical Conversations in Feminist/Sexuality/LGBTQ Studies and Animal Studies

Critical Conversations in Disability Studies and Animal Studies