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Spring 2024 Symposium: Climate Change and the Infrastructure of Research

Monday, April 22nd, 2024
Dominic Boyer
Graduate students

Levis Faculty Center, Room 210
919 W. Illinois St

Event Description

How does the research university address the problem of climate change? This experimental symposium showcases hypothetical project proposals created by early-career researchers at UIUC, projects that seek to realize the promise of interdisciplinarity encouraged by so many research initiatives across academic institutions. In so doing, the presentations and conversations in this symposium also explore and critique the institutional infrastructures that facilitate – and sometimes limit– new kinds of research. They explore the “state-of-the-field” where “the field” is defined in a new way: not the traditional disciplinary spaces in which research is currently situated, but the trans-disciplinary spaces and intersections in which new research on climate change could potentially break out.

12:00pm-1:30pm, Keynote, Dominic Boyer (Rice University), Learning to Live in 3-D: Decarbonization, Decoupling, and Degrowth
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1:30pm-1:45pm, Break

1:45pm-5pm, Symposium: Climate Change and the Infrastructure of Research
Two panels of presentations and discussions about student projects from CAS 587

Dominic Boyer

Founder of the Rice University Center for Energy and Environmental Research in the Human Sciences (now the Rice Center for Environmental Studies), and Prof of Anthropology at Rice University

Graduate students

from CAS 587