MillerComm Lecture Series

Creating Health Care in the 19th Century: Saving Health Care in the 21st Century

Friday, November 15th, 2002
Susanne Gordon
Sioban Nelson
4:00 pm

Third Floor, Levis Faculty Center

919 West Illinois Street


Event Description

Our society is facing a national crisis in nursing.  Journalist Suzanne Gordon and historian Sioban Nelson discuss the critical role that nursing plays and has played in the development of the American health care system.  Focusing on the importance of nursing professionals in caring for sick and vulnerable patients, Gordon and Nelson identify how nurses can make their critical contributions understood while securing the necessary economic and social resources to deliver needed health care.
The Alvina M. Berger Memorial Lecture

Hosted by: The Nursing Institute

In conjunction with: College of Law, College of Medicine, Department of Community Health, Department of Journalism, Department of Sociology, Disability Research Institute, Institute of Communications Research, Institute of Government and Public Affairs, Medical Humanities and Social Sciences Program, Medical Scholars Program, Program in Health Economics, Policy and Management, School of Social Work, Women's Studies Program, Family of Alvina M. Berger, Provena Covenant Medical Center

Susanne Gordon

Journalist and Author, Life Support: Three Nurses on the Front LInes 

Sioban Nelson

Senior Lecturer, School of Postgraduate Nursing, the University of Melbourne