Erik R Lund


Assistant professor of music

Professor Lund is a composer at the UIUC School of Music, where he also teaches music theory and is director of the New Music Ensemble. His compositions have won the League of Composers–International Society for Contemporary Music and ASCAP composition competitions, and he has received grants for his work from Meet the Composer, ASCAP, the Illinois Arts Council, and the Research Board of the University of Illinois. His works have been commissioned and/or performed by the Orchestra Giovanile Della Scuola Di Musica Di Fiesole (Italy), Tone Road Ramblers, Ciosoni Trio, Wolpe Trio (Germany), ISCM Chamber Players, ensemble WALLEYE, University of Iowa New Music Ensemble, University of Illinois Contemporary Chamber Players, and several soloists; have been performed in the United States, Europe, and South Korea; are recorded on the OPUS ONE, EINSTEIN, and CYBELE record labels; and are published by Media Press and Brixton Publications.

Lund has also performed and recorded as a trombonist. His compositional work has centered on three main areas of interest: the use of models, from which and for which compositional systems have been derived and/or invented for use in the composition of a musical work; the integration of structured, indeterminate, and improvisatory material within the context of otherwise fixed compositions; and the integration of dramatic elements in works by instrumental ensembles. During his Center appointment, he will compose a string quartet commissioned by the Musik Biennale Berlin, to be premiered by the Arditti String Quartet at the 1999 Musik Biennale Berlin Festival, at which he will be a guest composer. This work will draw conceptually and formally from Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities” as a modeling source.