Associate 2023-24

Marius Junge



Junge imageDuring his CAS release-time appointment, Professor Junge will be an invited participant in a semester-long program at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM) in UCLA, "Mathematical and Computational Challenges in Quantum Computing.” In addition, he will be part of the organizing committee for Workhop IV: Topology, Quantum Error Correction and Quantum Gravity. He is a (pure) mathematician whose research has been drawn into Quantum Information Theory in the last 15 years. This led to his membership in IQUIST (Illinois Quantum Science and Technology center).

Professor Junge’s goal for the proposed research is to combine “fancy words” with physical or computer science meaning: black holes, gravity, and error correction with some of the mathematical work completed in the past and with his current graduate student. If lucky, this will in result some computable small data, which—after being thrown into a mathematical formalism—will explain certain aspects of the theory behind these words. This research will certainly reveal new aspects of many units in quantum devices, analogous to the transition of computers working with a few bits of data in the ‘60s to large data in cell phones.