Associate 2003-04

Pierre Moulin

Electrical & Computer Engineering


Professor Moulin’s recent research has focused on theory and applications in the area of information hiding, which aims to conceal data within a host signal such as audio, image, or video. His investigations take place at the intersection of information theory, signal processing, computer science, and cryptography.

During his Center appointment, Professor Moulin will undertake a systematic study of the theoretical foundations of image steganography, a method of covert communication thought to have been used by terrorists to communicate secretly over the Internet. In some cases, the presence of hidden information can be discovered using data-analysis methods generically known as steganalysis, which attempt to identify unnatural patterns in data. Current designs of steganography algorithms and steganalysis methods are, however, mostly empirical. Professor Moulin plans to develop a systematic treatment of this area, based on statistical image modeling, detection theory, and game theory.