MillerComm Lecture Series

From Corsets to Body Piercing: An Historical Perspective on Female Adolescence

Monday, April 12th, 1999
Joan Jacobs Brumberg
7:00 pm

Theatre, Lincoln Hall 702 South Wright Street Urbana

Event Description

In the best-selling book, The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls, social historian Joan Jacobs Brumberg chronicles how growing up in a female body has changed over the past century and why that experience is more difficult today than ever before.
With an eye for the humor in as well as the pain of female adolescence, Brumberg uses personal diaries, as well as other historical sources, to show how American girls came to define themselves increasingly through their appearance, so that today the body has become their primary project.

Hosted by: Department of Human and Community Development

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Joan Jacobs Brumberg

Professor of History, Human Development and Women’s Studies, Cornell University and author of The Body Project: An Intimate History of American Girls