Global Economic Change and Migration of Asian Women: What Are the Issues?

Monday, April 6th, 2009
Jean Pyle
12 noon

Center for Advanced Study 912 W. Illinois St Urbana

Event Description

As large numbers of Asian women migrated internationally for work over the past few decades they often encountered challenging socio-economic environments. This migration presented serious policy dilemmas for national governments. On the one hand, governments seeking to find viable employment for their citizens often developed strategies that promoted emigration. On the other hand, governments feel pressures to ensure the well-being of their citizens abroad.
The current global economic downturn has intensified these challenges as emigrants have lost jobs abroad and opportunities for migration have diminished. This presentation provides a multi-level overview of the issues from that of the individual, her household, and her community to the region, nation and the international arena.

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Jean Pyle

Regional Economic and Social Development, University of Massachusetts at Lowell