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The Global Food Court: Fast Food, Slow Food, Imperial Food

Monday, August 8th, 2005
John Feffer
4:00 pm
Event Description

The best place to experience the new world order of food is your local food court.  Behind the apparent diversity of choices and international flavors lies a uniform model of production, distribution, and consumption that is global in scope and bears some important resemblances to an older imperial model of food and power.  To illustrate this new world order of food, John Feffer will take you from his own local food court to the food court of the Ramen museum in Yokohama.  He will also trace the impact of global power on food from Alexis Soyer's global food emporium at the Crystal Palace exhibition in London in 1851 to today's mysterious and ubiquitous "bourbon chicken," and detours along the way to discuss potatoes, quinine, Coca-Cola and a host of other menu items.
John Feffer's visit is co-sponsored by ACES Global Connect and the Korea Workshop.

WILL-AM 580 FOCUS interview with John Feffer

John Feffer

Independent journalist and author of North Korea/South Korea: U.S. Policy and the Korean Peninsula (2003)